Weird footage of fallen angel and footage of a very weird distraction, ignorant bush woman butt

This is worthy of finding a weird spot on ‘Welcome the Weird’ because this footage is some weird footage.  Our Josie from the Pussycats believes the woman in this documentary to be a fallen angel.

That would explain the mouths of the lions being closed and the two bush people that take this journey with her do not interact with the lions like she does.  It is clear that the bush woman is not merely a happy accident to appear in much of the footage, she is the distraction.  You will notice in the comments of their youtube page that all of the discussion revolves around the bubblelicious behind and how can I get one of those or not and then the real message of this documentary passes by unnoticed.  Weird.


‘Welcome the Weird’

‘Welcome the Weird productions’ is happy to serve you a heaping helping of Austin.  We have reports of the bird man of Austin to the Junk Cathedral that its neighbors have failed to shut down.

We have the hoarders.  We have the cat man.  We have weird restaurants and weird drinks.  Ever hear of a ‘purple’?  We have the grim reaper who fishes and lives at McKinney Falls Park.


I have a weird uncle but he lives in Hempstead.  That is a township that began by growing all the hemp until 1945.  Hempstead.

We have white Rastafarians.  We have black Republicans.  We have a large bi-racial communtiy and an enormous gay community.  We have a pet store that sells dog fish.  We have witches.  I heard we even host Comic Con once a year.  We also host ‘Eyore’s Birthday Party at Pease Park where you can smoke pot in front of cops.

Now that is weird.

We have a lot of weird stuff going on here.

‘Welcome the Weird’

chick with sunglasses

My city’s coined theme is ‘Keep Austin Weird’ and we at ‘Welcome the Weird’ do our best to make it so.

From Mollycoddling to working in films produced in Austin,  it’s not hard to find something weird around here.

sin city promo girl and fish transformers 4 promo

We have brides wearing flip flops under the gowns,  we have a man who built a Tower of Junk,  (he calls it the Cathedral of Junk and his neighbors are always trying to get the City of Austin to stop him).

wedding frost bank aerial

There’s the man who walks around downtown with birds landing on him like Francis of Assisi,  then there is this guy who shows up at all of Austin’s street festivals and he stands on a milk carton and mimes as the Grim Reaper.   We go fishing with him.

So, ‘Keep it Weird Austin’, and for those of you not in Austin,

wedding statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn

‘Welcome the Weird’.